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I was asked by the lovely Karen Auby at Plantronics, whether or not I’d be interested in joining their blogging team, of course I immediately jumped at the chance! As a consequence, my first post, and hopefully not last, entitled “Critical elements for widespread VoIP adoption in the UK: usability and accessibility“, went live this morning. […]

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Last night Apple laid to rest all rumours associated with it’s forthcoming major mobile software upgrade, namely iPhone OS 4.0. I could probably write about how unhappy I am that 3G devices get “iAds” support (Apple’s new iPhone advertising platform), but unlike the 3G”S” will not feature the all new multitasking capability – oh, I guess […]

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Since the announcement of the iPad and Apple’s new software development kit, VoIP is now permitted over 3G – yay! Previously a hack known as 3Gunrestrictor was used to trick the iPhone into sending illegal data over the 3G network, as expected this was broken regularly by iPhone OS updates. Applications released to date include: Fring […]

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Last night Apple hosted their 2010 media event and as expected a the much hyped new tablet style device was launched, namely the “iPad”. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs touted the iPad to fill the gap between mobile phone and laptop, but does this requirement really exist? Personally speaking I find the lack of full Mac […]

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When I am out of the country I often use various VoIP technologies to avoid the hefty international/roaming charges levied when abroad. However, sometimes I am without WiFi or a Skype enabled device and need to call home. Skype offers a service called “Skype-in” which provides a personal landline number in a country of your […]

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