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I just received an e-mail from Digium – see below (the makers of Asterisk), informing Skype for Asterisk customers that MicroSkype have chosen not to renew their agreement.  Fingers crossed this is not a sign that Microsoft intend on restricting 3rd party integration with the Skype service? Product notification: Skype for Asterisk will not be available for sale […]

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Skype for Asterisk has just been updated to version 1.1.4 Summary of changes within this release: Added privacy controls for web presence as shown at Added auto-reply text chat capability Added support for dialplan app Transfer() on SFA calls To download this update, please visit: So how do I update existing installations of […]

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Once a year I give my “blessing” to the wife to go away on a long weekend with the girls and usually I try to call in a few child minding favours from my parents/in-laws and this weekend, thank goodness, is no exception to the rule!

Last time I was given these days of peace I wrote a Trixbox/Exchange 2010 integration guide, the emphasis was on this becoming the first in a series of how-to’s – however this never really came to fruition, the reason? Asterisk + friendly UI = Bad bad bad…so from here on in I have chosen to move to AsteriskNOW.

Trixbox is a great distribution of Asterisk, however it does break certain Asterisk standards and you can’t beat a good ol’ command line – yes in Asterisk’s case the command line is easier than a web interface.

So why not plain old Asterisk? AsteriskNOW makes light work of the install and I’m by no means a Linux guru! You can still opt for the FreePBX front end – but we will choose to not go down this dark path – trust me on this!

So let’s talk objectives…

Setup AsteriskNOW, configuring a SIP extension and corresponding dial-plan
Install and configure Skype for Asterisk (SFA), ensuring the SIP extension above can route in/out (SkypeOut)
Take the Lync 2010 Server install performed here and integrate it with AsteriskNOW
Make calls to and from the Asterisk SIP extension (Lync & SFA)
Make calls to and from the Lync client (SIP & SFA)
So here is an idea of how this will all piece together:

Sounds like a tall order right? Wrong. With AsteriskNOW and Lync Server 2010, it is reasonably straight forward and I will endeavour to document the end-to-end setup process.

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I was asked by the lovely Karen Auby at Plantronics, whether or not I’d be interested in joining their blogging team, of course I immediately jumped at the chance! As a consequence, my first post, and hopefully not last, entitled “Critical elements for widespread VoIP adoption in the UK: usability and accessibility“, went live this morning. […]

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At long last Skype has extended it’s SIP trunking product out to public beta! This technology allows (in many cases) SIP enabled PBX’s to use the Skype VoIP platform for in and outbound calling. However it seems that the pricing is in my opinion a little steep, each “channel” (a channel is required for call concurrency i.e. […]

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