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It’s great to see the momentum behind Lync (now Skype for Business). I’m specifically referring to businesses with long-time installments of PBX(s) are realizing the traditional telephony functionality which is now available within Microsoft Enterprise Voice (in this I’m referring to Skype for Business telephony). Admittedly there are some gaps, but these are now niche […]

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I thought I’d share a video I was asked to put together that illustrated Lync client behavior when a user is migrated from a Lync On-Premises deployment to Lync Online. Prior to executing the PowerShell below I needed to complete a “Split-Domain” Lync deployment which I covered in a separate article here. PowerShell commands: $creds=Get-Credential | […]

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Earlier this year I moved job and was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have been issued with an extremely high-powered and over specified Lenovo W520. It’s way beyond my needs (and has a power supply the size of a brick – I’m not kidding on this!), but is great for running Windows 8 Hyper-V as […]

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I’ve not mentioned it previously, but earlier in the year I joined Polycom as a UC Architect. It’s an exciting role for someone like myself, I get to listen/learn and advise customers on their UC strategy, assist in the development of new and existing solutions and most importantly talk about Lync on a daily basis! […]

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So the waiting (as of writing) is almost over and the server-side bits for shiny new Lync Mobility Service (MCX) have been released! The client-side bits are likely to be released next week and in the meantime there is nothing stopping you from prepping your Lync Servers. All clients have been released and can be […]

Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 21:59 | 78 comments
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With the recent “Indian Summer” well and truly behind us (Brits) I thought what what better way to welcome in the Autumn season than posting a brief update on what is happening in the world of Microsoft UC 🙂 First up, Lync on the Mac – it has been known for some time (even with the […]

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