Cloud Video Interop (CVI) Lobby Changes

December 8th, 2022 | Tags:

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, primarily due to the fact I’ve changed jobs a few times. I had a brief hiatus from the Unified Communications world, but I’m back where I guess I belong – this time at Microsoft.

One of the first feature items I picked up was associated with my old friend CVI, specifically in relation to how lobby permissions are handled.

For those familiar with CVI there’s a number of layers whereby permissions in respect to lobby are managed.

  1. CVI Bot can be configured as “trusted”, this essentially allows all VTCs joining calls scheduled within said tenant to bypass the lobby. Resulting in VTCs being treated as participants homed within said tenant (instead of guests). The PowerShell that enables this experience is AllowAppGuestJoinsAsAuthenticated with the parameter set to ‘$true’ 
  2. The next layer is set at a service and CVI vendor-specific level. This varies between each CVI provider, but the goal here is to limit the scope of item #1 to specific known devices or networks

In the case of item #1 above there was a problem, if someone took advantage of the meeting options highlighted below, people I invite or only me and co-organizers, this option was ignored. The good news is that is meeting option is now honored!

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