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I have had a number of e-mails/comments asking how you enable a user from within Active Directory for Lync, which this might be considered by most a simple task (for those that are PowerShell challenged), in can be confusing…never fear help is at hand a step-by-step guide can be found below:

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Once a year I give my “blessing” to the wife to go away on a long weekend with the girls and usually I try to call in a few child minding favours from my parents/in-laws and this weekend, thank goodness, is no exception to the rule!

Last time I was given these days of peace I wrote a Trixbox/Exchange 2010 integration guide, the emphasis was on this becoming the first in a series of how-to’s – however this never really came to fruition, the reason? Asterisk + friendly UI = Bad bad bad…so from here on in I have chosen to move to AsteriskNOW.

Trixbox is a great distribution of Asterisk, however it does break certain Asterisk standards and you can’t beat a good ol’ command line – yes in Asterisk’s case the command line is easier than a web interface.

So why not plain old Asterisk? AsteriskNOW makes light work of the install and I’m by no means a Linux guru! You can still opt for the FreePBX front end – but we will choose to not go down this dark path – trust me on this!

So let’s talk objectives…

Setup AsteriskNOW, configuring a SIP extension and corresponding dial-plan
Install and configure Skype for Asterisk (SFA), ensuring the SIP extension above can route in/out (SkypeOut)
Take the Lync 2010 Server install performed here and integrate it with AsteriskNOW
Make calls to and from the Asterisk SIP extension (Lync & SFA)
Make calls to and from the Lync client (SIP & SFA)
So here is an idea of how this will all piece together:

Sounds like a tall order right? Wrong. With AsteriskNOW and Lync Server 2010, it is reasonably straight forward and I will endeavour to document the end-to-end setup process.

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As many of you may well know the long awaited public release candidate of Microsoft Lync 2010 (previously Communications Server ‘14’) is now available for download. This major new release offers a radical difference to the previous architecture and unlike it’s predecessors (Communications Server 2007 R1/2 and to a certain degree Live Communications Server 2005) offers a streamlined and consolidated deployment, great for smaller scale implementations which are not overly abundant to date.

This guide will run through a consolidated standard edition install (without voice gateway integration, I’ll try and come back to this later), whereby all roles will be deployed on a single virtual machine except monitoring, archiving and edge roles – yes this is a supported scenario!

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I previously mentioned that integrating OCS 2007 R2 was now possible given that Asterisk 1.6 now supports TCP SIP trunking. I also found myself in a position where I wanted to start testing Exchange 2010 UM without touching my production PBX (which in this case is a Nortel CS1000). After scouring the blogosphere I found […]

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