Free geographic PSTN-to-Skype service launches

November 4th, 2009 | Tags: ,

When I am out of the country I often use various VoIP technologies to avoid the hefty international/roaming charges levied when abroad. However, sometimes I am without WiFi or a Skype enabled device and need to call home.

Skype offers a service called “Skype-in” which provides a personal landline number in a country of your choice, the disadvantages are both cost and a limit on 25 countries. Where as a new service provider “Ring2Skype” provides a bridge number in 100+ destinations with a personalised extension that routes into the Skype network – at no cost.

As you can see below I have setup both a US and UK based extension that permits me to use local phones at lower cost (sometimes in certain countries like the US, local calls are free).

If you are thinking of travelling or have friends or family abroad (without a computer – yes they do exist) I recommend you give it a try, we’ll see if it stays free…

Source: here (thanks to Tom Keating for the heads-up)

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