iPhone 4.0 OS, Multitasking and VoIP

April 9th, 2010 | Tags: , ,

Last night Apple laid to rest all rumours associated with it’s forthcoming major mobile software upgrade, namely iPhone OS 4.0.

I could probably write about how unhappy I am that 3G devices get “iAds” support (Apple’s new iPhone advertising platform), but unlike the 3G”S” will not feature the all new multitasking capability – oh, I guess I just did?

Anyways, here are some high level features that may be of more interest:

  • Background location: For some bizarre reason location aware applications (i.e. Fouresquare) currently require GPS for location based information, unlike the BlackBerry equivalent which is happy to use the less power hungry cell tower triangulation. This is addressed within 4.0.
  • Multitasking: With Multitasking support (3GS only) comes the capability of VoIP applications running in the background, this therefore allows you to be called whilst other apps are in use.
  • Improved mail 1: Support for multiple Exchange accounts (quite useful when your Exchange administrator actually supports the iPhone, they must exist right?)
  • Improved mail 2: Support for Exchange 2010 (I have to admit this one confuses me as this already works?)

For more information on the iPhone’s 4.0 enterprise “friendly” functionality, read more on the Apple website.

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