Exchange 2010 SP1 functionality announced

April 7th, 2010 | Tags:

Like most organisations, our IT department face PST hell on an almost daily basis and when Exchange 2010 announced it came with archiving, I said “Yay, we don’t need a 3rd part archiving solution!”

However, I was wrong. The first (or current) version of Exchange 2010 co-locates the archive for a mailbox into the same database (pretty much negating the point for archiving, surely?)

However, when I put this discovery to Astrid McClean (Exchange Technical Product Manager) back in November, she told me that good things were coming, specifically with archiving.

Today the Exchange Team has announced “some” of the new features to be delivered as a part of service pack 1. 

“This is not an all-inclusive list, so stay tuned for the detailed list coming soon!”

Archiving is definitely improved upon not only allowing independent databases, but also the addition of  a tool to help you import your nasty PST archives – nice!

Read a complete overview at the Exchange Team Blog.

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