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Those that use Mac OS will no doubt be aware that there are a number of limitations within the Communicator for Mac client, most notable being that inability to experience the full conferencing capability of Lync (Lync Web App does go some way to address this). Also unlike the PC Lync client it is unable to hookup […]

Friday, September 9th, 2011 at 21:08 | 3 comments
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Last night Apple hosted their 2010 media event and as expected a the much hyped new tablet style device was launched, namely the “iPad”. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs touted the iPad to fill the gap between mobile phone and laptop, but does this requirement really exist? Personally speaking I find the lack of full Mac […]

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Modality Systems has created an OCS application for the iPhone named “iDialog”, this is now available via your local AppStore. What is iDialog? Microsoft Office Communications Server is revolutionizing the way workers communicate and collaborate. iDialog is an exclusive product from Modality Systems that enables users to find and communicate with their Microsoft Office Communications […]

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I kid you not, my wife works from home and uses a MacBook to connect to an Exchange 2007 Server – girls like “pretty” computers what can I say? As Mac OS does not use Outlook (in 2010 this will all change with the new release of Office for Mac), you have to use Entourage and previously […]

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Today Jason Calacanis tweeted that he had recieved inside information that suggested the rumoured Apple tablet will run an enhanced version of iPhone OS. Sounds like a limiting factor to me?

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It has been a busy couple of weeks in Redmond and today is no exception with the Mac unit just announcing a new “Office for Mac” that substitutes Entourage for Outlook. Other features include: Cocoa. Built from the ground up using Cocoa providing users with improved integration with the Mac OS New database. A high-speed file-based […]

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