Entourage for Exchange Web Services (EWS) changed my life

August 18th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

I kid you not, my wife works from home and uses a MacBook to connect to an Exchange 2007 Server – girls like “pretty” computers what can I say? As Mac OS does not use Outlook (in 2010 this will all change with the new release of Office for Mac), you have to use Entourage and previously it only supported WebDAV.

This resulted in my wife yelling at me daily, ringing during business meetings and shouting about errors like “HTTP error the post data is too large”, I tell her “Maybe I should put Windows 7 on the Mac?”

Entourage EWS has changed my life, literally…no more moans, yells or disruptions (about Entourage anyways). If you have a Mac and Exchange, install it now!

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