Communicator "esque" OCS client hits the iPhone AppStore

Modality Systems has created an OCS application for the iPhone named “iDialog”, this is now available via your local AppStore.

What is iDialog?

Microsoft Office Communications Server is revolutionizing the way workers communicate and collaborate.

iDialog is an exclusive product from Modality Systems that enables users to find and communicate with their Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) contacts using Apple iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

Find your Contacts

iDialog provides users with the same contact list they have when using the Microsoft Office Communicator client on their PC or laptop. Now it’s easy for users to see information about the presence of their contacts and make appropriate communications decisions. In addition, the Directory Search feature allows users to search for contacts in the corporate Global Address List and see information about the contacts, in-line with the privacy settings built into the Microsoft OCS platform.

Communicate Effectively

Using presence to see a contact’s availability, it’s easy to determine the most effective way to communicate with someone. iDialog enables users to start an Instant Messaging (IM) conversation or send email to a contact directly from their iPhone or iPod Touch. iPhone users also have the option to initiate a phone call.

Multiple IM conversations can be handled simultaneously and any IM conversation can support multiple participants. This is especially useful if you need to reach your team or collaborate with a group of people on a key task.

Manage Communications

When a user is signed-in to iDialog, they can manage their presence status and control multiple channels of communications. In addition to sending and receiving Instant Messages, a user can control incoming phone calls to their OCS endpoint. iDialog does this by alerting the user to the incoming call and providing the option to forward the call to their mobile phone, voice mail, or another device.

Deployment Requirements

iDialog is supported on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch versions 2.0 and higher. The user must also have an account that can sign-in to a corporate or hosted OCS 2007 or 2007 R2 system. An OCS Communicator Web Access (CWA) Server must be deployed to support iDialog connectivity. No proprietary server infrastructure is required.

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