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There are a lot of disgruntled Apple customers all scratching their heads thinking “Why did I buy/upgrade to Snow Leopard?” Cons: Whilst it is a “cheap” upgrade (£25) – what does it deliver, Microsoft typically deploys these types of updates for free and calls it a Service Pack. Snow Leopard does bring 64bit support, but only […]

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I know there is a lot of buzz about Windows 7 at the moment, which is great because this was not so much the case when Vista was launched. However one of things that Vista did introduce was user access management (UAC) and as with a number of Vista “enhancements” it was criticized heavily. Whilst […]

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I really like the content over at Lifehacker and this post is no exception, there is however a feature mentioned that for me wins above all. Surely it is granular UAC control, I hear you say? Whilst this is a welcome addition, alas no…it is “Run as different user”, with Windows 2000 and XP this was out of […]

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I have just been sneaking around the TechNet site and it looks as if the release of SP2 could be imminent, see here for more information.

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Neowin has just announced here. Apparently it has already begun circulating around popular BitTorrent websites, in 32 and 64 bit versions. Microsoft is expected to announce public availability later this week.

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