Lync Room System Conferencing Policy “EnableOnlineMeetingPromptForLyncResources”

September 16th, 2014 | Tags:

When scheduling a Lync meeting it’s important that you add your Lync meeting credentials to the Outlook invitation, this is a fairly obvious requirement and in the case whereby this isn’t added you could of course create an ad-hoc or “Meet Now” conference.

However when you’re using a Lync Room System forgetting to add these “blobs” to your invitation results in the lack of single click-to-join, therefore slowing down the time in which it takes to start the call. One thing however that I hadn’t noticed is that in CU2 for Lync Server 2013 Microsoft added a new conferencing policy setting that corrects the problem whereby an LRS resource is added to an invite but the “Create a new Lync meeting” button is omitted.

The setting is:

Set-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity Global -EnableOnlineMeetingPromptForLyncResources $true

By default this is set to false and needs to be enabled. Once enabled users will be prompted to add the Lync conference detail prior to sending the invitation (see below)



Hope this helps!