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Update on the Virtualisation debacle: At long last Scott Drummonds from VMware has come to his senses and apologised in the VMware blog post: “I made a bad call. About a month and a half ago, I anonymously posted a YouTube video depicting a controversial test of Microsoft’s Hyper-V.  The video was a bit hyperbolic in […]

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VMware in early May alleged that there was a fault under the hood of Hyper-V,  since this statement they have not been playing nice with Microsoft. The Microsoft Virtualisation Team is desperate to address any issues with Hyper-V by means of hotfix etc. but VMware have still not answered pleas from Jeff Woolsey (Principal Program […]

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Well it just seems to keep heating up in the world of “who has the best hypervisor” (well I know, Hyper-V ehum) and Jeff has made another great post over at the Windows Virtualisation Blog.

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About a week ago Scott Drummonds from VMware Product Marketing posted an “anonymous” video on YouTube (see below) supposedly exposing an outage on TechNet/MSDN (MS Ops have already confirmed NO OUTAGES experienced as a result of Hyper-V see here) and a bug with Hyper-V consolidation (the guy at VMware seems to have run the test using virtual SCSI assuming […]

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