VMware Marketing guy looks stupid in desperate attempt to slam Hyper-V

May 10th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

About a week ago Scott Drummonds from VMware Product Marketing posted an “anonymous” video on YouTube (see below) supposedly exposing an outage on TechNet/MSDN (MS Ops have already confirmed NO OUTAGES experienced as a result of Hyper-V see here) and a bug with Hyper-V consolidation (the guy at VMware seems to have run the test using virtual SCSI assuming this would achieve the best performance). Jeff Woolsey (Microsoft Program Manager for Hyper-V), took the opportunity to look into this in greater detail:

Day 1 : here Day 2 : here

Personally I think this shows us that VMware are nervous about Microsoft’s Hyper-V product and their rapidly evolving Virtualisation solution set, I would like to think there is enough space for both businesses to work together in this market – well for the next couple of years at least [;)]

The desperate attempt to expose a Hyper-V crash

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