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Microsoft is due to release two out of band security patches tomorrow (28th July 2009), these are specifically designed to address: Bulletin ID Maximum Severity Rating and Vulnerability Impact Restart Requirement Affected Software Internet Explorer Critical Remote Code Execution Requires restart Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer Visual Studio Moderate Remote Code Execution Requires restart Visual Studio […]

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If you try to compare a car repair shop with a PC repair man you will find many similarities, both cut corners, charge you for unneccessary extras and are likely to be dishonest. This is according to an exclusive¬†Sky News expose. If you have to take your personal computer to a PC repair shop make […]

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Taken from eWeek: Mozilla is downplaying a reported bug in its Firefox browser. According to Mozilla, initial reports that the vulnerability could be exploited to execute malicious code. Mozilla is pouring cold water on reports of a severe bug affecting its Firefox browser.  Reports of a new stack overflow vulnerability affecting Firefox surfaced not long […]

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Kingston Technology has just announced the release of a 256GB USB memory stick, a world first. 256 GB of data, allows you to store: 10 Blu-ray discs (~25 GB each) 54 DVD discs (~4.7 GB each) 365 CD discs (~700 MB each) My bug bear is when do companies like Kingston make encryption mandatory? Carrying […]

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When looking for a secure hard drive last week I came across a new type of portable storage, Freecom have an encrypted RFID swide-card that unlocks access to your data. The idea sounds great, I could have two cards one assigned to myself and another to a trusted 3rd party, one snag is that the […]

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Back in May Steve Riley, an ex-Microsoft security guru come probably the best speaker I have ever seen was taken hostage by recent layoffs. He now works for Amazon Web Services, as mention on his Blog.

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