256GB on a USB memory stick, but no encryption?

July 21st, 2009 | Tags: ,

Kingston Technology has just announced the release of a 256GB USB memory stick, a world first.

256 GB of data, allows you to store:

  • 10 Blu-ray discs (~25 GB each)
  • 54 DVD discs (~4.7 GB each)
  • 365 CD discs (~700 MB each)

My bug bear is when do companies like Kingston make encryption mandatory? Carrying this amount of data in your pocket can only lead to a data security breach when it falls into the wrong hands. There is a password that can be set using Kingston’s “Password Traveller”, but from what I can see it makes not mention of drive encryption.

My recommendation would be to download a free copy of TrueCrypt, which provides AES-254 encryption.

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