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For those that have been utilising Microsoft Unified Messaging (UM), or as some call it voice mail, there are some user experience differences to be aware of when migrating from Exchange 2007 to 2010. I’m referring to the way in which end-user configuration is manifested, upon execution of the  “Manage Voice Mail” button within Outlook (as seen below in Outlook […]

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Taken from Brett Johnson’s Blog: Busy day today 🙂 The latest versions of the Live Meeting Client and Outlook Conference Add-In have been released – this also includes the 64bit version Add-In’s for the 64 bit version of Outlook 2010 – woohoo..! Remember Both the LM Client and Conf Add-In versions should match for the […]

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Channel 10 regularly blogs on useful productivity tools, but “Sender’s Time Zone” is a must have! I regularly receive e-mail from people in other time zones and quite often lose track of the time difference, this free plug-in displays the sender’s time in a neat bar across the top of the message pane. Source: here

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Occasionally I am asked this question, okay maybe the person asking does not know about Exchange (disgrace I know!), however my answer previously would be no, unless you pay. But now there are all kinds of options available, personally I have tried the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for Outlook 2003/2007 and been extremely impressed. This […]

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When you go for a “comfort break” the last thing you expect is to pickup a very useful, yet neglected feature of Office 2007. That was not the case when I last visited the Microsoft HQ in Dublin, whilst I initially thought the sight of loo technology tips was strange it actually worked out well! One extremely useful tip […]

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A while back I was looking for a plug-in application to assist with adding Outlook 2007 contacts, remember how Outlook Express had this type of functionality enabled out of the box? Anyways I spotted a post over at Channel 10 and knew immediately that my prayers had been answered! It seems an application called “gwabbit!” semi-automates […]

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