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For those that have been utilising Microsoft Unified Messaging (UM), or as some call it voice mail, there are some user experience differences to be aware of when migrating from Exchange 2007 to 2010. I’m referring to the way in which end-user configuration is manifested, upon execution of the  “Manage Voice Mail” button within Outlook (as seen below in Outlook […]

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The UK Microsoft Messaging & Mobility User Group ran a joint live meeting with Microsoft UK this morning, specifically focused upon functionality within the forthcoming service pack (SP1) for Exchange 2010. Presenters were Brett Johnson (MSFT Messaging Technical Specialist), Leigh Smith (MSFT UC Technical Specialist) and Nathan Winters (an MVP for Exchange Server).

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Just a quick blog post I couldn’t resist! Whilst Exchange 2010 delivers a number of enterprise strength enhancements, you and your users will no doubt love the “Ignore Conversations” option. This is particularly useful when you are included in group e-mails that you could care less about! Clients supported include Outlook 2010 and Outlook WebApp (screenshot below).

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