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Well it just seems to keep heating up in the world of “who has the best hypervisor” (well I know, Hyper-V ehum) and Jeff has made another great post over at the Windows Virtualisation Blog.

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About a week ago Scott Drummonds from VMware Product Marketing posted an “anonymous” video on YouTube (see below) supposedly exposing an outage on TechNet/MSDN (MS Ops have already confirmed NO OUTAGES experienced as a result of Hyper-V see here) and a bug with Hyper-V consolidation (the guy at VMware seems to have run the test using virtual SCSI assuming […]

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Overview Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server 2008 R2 is a stand-alone product that provides a reliable and optimized virtualization solution enabling organizations to improve server utilization and reduce costs. With the addition of new features such as live migration and expanded processor and memory support for host systems, it allows organizations to consolidate workloads onto a single […]

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