Unified Communications with Vodafone One

June 13th, 2011 | Tags: ,

Vodafone UK have been very busy ensuring that they are well equipped to embrace UC, building upon their existing product portfolio…enter Vodafone One (not to be confused with Vodafone One Net/Express, their SME equivalents).

Vodafone One enables businesses to fully converge it’s fixed and mobile telephony and yes you guessed it with Microsoft Office Communications Server as the core enabler for a fully immersed fixed or Windows desktop experience.

My workplace had already deployed OCS (no surprises there…) when we decided that we needed deeper mobile integration, ideally at carrier level. We chose Vodafone One as best fit and we haven’t looked back!

I’ll be speaking at one of their road shows later this week, focussing primarily on the business drivers behind UC and how we at First Rate delivered these enablers with OCS and Vodafone One.

I’ll also make my decks available (later this week) via the resources section on the blog.

For more information on Vodafone One, head here