Lync Server say’s “Current topology configuration either does not include this machine or the definition for this service.”

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I had an interesting Lync Edge Server encounter a week or so back and I thought I’d share the solution to my problem, especially given that Google (or Bing for the matter) didn’t shed any light on the issue.

The scenario (for me anyways) was whereby I had pushed a blank policy to my Edge Server, the basic thought being that I’d clear and start anew. This unfortunately led to a complete disconnect between my Central Management Store (CMS) and the replica (or local) CMS database.

The error (illustrated below) generated two event IDs (14611) & (42012) – there were other subsequent errors, but these were the root cause.


All was of course not lost, with some very clever PowerShell magic I was back up and running!

First off I needed to amend/publish my topology, including the required parameters I originally wanted to replicate to the Edge Server. Given the issue on-hand I was required to export the topology using the Export-CsConfiguration cmdlet (see below)

This created a zip file on the root of C: (see below)

Now I had a copy of my configuration or topology, I needed to load this onto my Edge Server. This process will be familiar to the initial Lync Server setup, although without the wizard UI. Once a copy of my exported topology had been copied to the Edge Server (in my case I copied to C:\) I needed one more PowerShell cmdlet to complete the task – Import-CsConfiguration (see illustration below)

Note the -LocalStore parameter, this intructs the configuration data to be imported to the local computer instead of the Central Management store.

Finally I’d suggest you restart your Edge Server, you could just head straight for services.msc and start the services manually, but I’m lazy and opted for reboot 🙂

I hope this helps…

  1. TraciH
    April 12th, 2012 at 15:42
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    Thank you sooo much. I had the same error and this fix worked for me too.

    In my case I was moving an edge server from one Lync site-edge pool into another Lync site-edge pool. Here were all the errors I was seeing:

    “the lync access edge service terminated with service-specific error %%-2147418113

    Event id 12326: “failed starting the protocol stack. The service has stopped. Error code is: 0x8000FFFF
    Event ID 12323 unable to initialize the protocol stack. Error code: 8000FFFF!_HRX!
    Event ID 14611, Current topology configuration either does not include this machine or the definition for this service.
    Cause: possible topology configuration issue. This machine or the definition for this service might have been removed from topology configuration.

  2. Adam [I’m a UC Blog]
    April 12th, 2012 at 18:40
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    Pleasure Traci 🙂

    – Adam