Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Virtualisation White Paper

February 22nd, 2011 | Tags: ,

Looking for Lync Server 2010 Virtualisation best practice, if the answer is YES, then help is at hand. Microsoft have published an extremely helpful white paper to cover off this very subject.

Check out an excerpt taken from the TOC below:

1.1         What is Virtualization?.

1.2         Why Virtualize?.

2       Virtualization in Lync Server 2010.

2.1         Terminology.

2.2         Supported Functionality.

2.3         Hypervisors.

2.3.1          Validated Hypervisors.

2.3.2          Other Hypervisors.

2.3.3          Unsupported Hypervisors.

2.4         Guest Operating System Requirement.

2.5         Virtualized Lync Server Deployment General Considerations.

2.5.1          Mixing Physical and Virtual Servers Running Lync Server 2010.

2.5.2          Spreading Lync Server Workloads on Different VM Hosts.

2.5.3          High Availability through Virtualization.

2.5.4          Quick Migration and Live Migration Support.

2.5.5          Dynamic Memory Support.

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