OT: The Windows 8 Poll

August 17th, 2010 | Tags:

I know this is a little off topic, but chances are that if you read this blog you wouldn’t be against a cross-blog Windows 8 poll that *may* get picked up by the man at Microsoft who say’s yes! (or no as the case may be).

The man behind this poll is Michael Pietroforte at 4sysops (a fellow Microsoft MVP) and the list of sites participating is growing by the day/hour/minute!

Sites participating to date include: (via a little cloud magic all polls are integrated, so ensure you only vote once)

Demonic Talking SkullI’M A UC BLOGmarkwilson.itmsigeekStandalone SysadminTechinchTeching It Easy: with WindowsThe Experience BlogThe things that are better left unspokenThe Windows ClubWindowsObserverWindowsProWithin Windows7tutorials4sysops

For a full description of all vote options, refer to Michael’s post here

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