OCS drops the “O”, new wave 14 functionality announced at VoiceCon

March 24th, 2010 | Tags: ,

Today at VoiceCon Gurdeep Singh Pall shared much anticipated news on Microsoft Communications Server 14 (this will mark the second Microsoft “MCS” acronym, the first was Microsoft Consultancy Services!), whilst I would love to be in a position to dissect his speech, unfortunately…I can’t. This is because during my stay in Dublin, Ireland my hotel has decided it would be clever (and easier for them) to provide Wi-Fi without any form of authentication, the result? An Internet pipe rinsed dry!

So until I am back on my lovely fibre connected Virgin cable Internet I will share with you the following:

  • Communicator 14 with automatically choose locations based on “known” networks
  • Communicator 14 will bring a “sleek, simplified Communicator client that works with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange”
  • Communicator contact searches can be performed by “expertise”  (quite a useful feature if you work at a large IT company, ehum)
  • MCS 14 will support enhanced 911 (E911) – this is where US emergency services perform a static lookup to identify the callers location
  • MSC 14 will be available in both on and off premise flavours

Singh Pall also said that “Office Communications Server is one of the fastest growing servers at Microsoft, with double-digit growth over the past three years”

The video of this keynote is available on VoiceCon’s website here (free registration required) and the Microsoft press release is available on PressPass here

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