Opportunities for Office Communicator 14 integration

Today’s session focussed on the extendibility within the wave 14 communications platform was presented by David Ollason (Principal Lead Program Manager at Microsoft). David explained these development opportunities and gave examples; tools in scope were WPF and Silverlight (no surprises here).

As with yesterday’s session my trusty BlackBerry was used to take pictures in low light conditions, you may have noticed that I have taken the liberty of playing about with contrast/brightness settings (it kinda helped, a bit!) I also had a better seat today so a reduced camera angle J

Firstly we were informed that everything we were about to see was (as with yesterday) running on pre-alpha w14 code, the mention of 2010 was also heard – logically it has always been suggested that w14 is likely to become Office Communications Server 2010.

We were next introduced to a web/Silverlight application that directly interrogated OC 2010 information (see picture).

Followed by a WPF application (see picture).

Hopefully you can follow the theme of the presentation by following the slides presented below.

Silverlight example

WPF example

That’s it for today…

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