In my opinion, Apple’s lost the plot

June 8th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

Many of you by now are witnessing a recent flurry of Apple news working its way around the blogosphere.

Noticeable points that “iPickedupon” – sorry pardon the pun!

  • iPhone 3G 16gb is discontinued and is replaced by more £40 more expensive 3G S version – did Apple miss the current global economic downturn?!?
  • iPhone 3G S 32gb is launched at £538 – plot goes AWOL at this point!
  • Internet tethering is launched – yay! (3gb = £15 for 30 days or 10gb = £29) – no more yay applies…oh and no tethering for payg (it’s Jailbreak time again!)
  • Apple tries to slam Windows 7, you can have a go at Vista, but not 7 – no way jose!
  • TomTom is launched for iPhone, no complaints there – yay!

I know this is a Microsoft orientated blog, however I use Apple products (and I like them too!) but Apple’s iPhone 3.0 is looking more like Microsoft’s Vista if you ask me.

P.S. The silhouette picture above was on TomTom’s homepage, with the strap line “coming soon” whilst WWDC announcements were made about the June release of TomTom for iPhone (the first turn-by-turn GPS application to be made available on the device).

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