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Back in November a shiny new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) device came about my person. At the time I was a very comfortable iPhone 4 owner and like many I had become very used to the iOS chicklet-based interface and reliant upon a number of key applications available via the Apple App Store. I want […]

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The Office Communicator Team has just released an updated version of the Windows Mobile CoMo that includes easy access to conferences (no pins etc) and really nice integration with the Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen. Check it out here Update: Windows Phone 6.5 – not Windows Mobile 6.5

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The Exchange Team posted up a video of Adam Glick from the Exchange mobility team, he runs through a couple of high level features included in the 2010 product. Interesting features include: Granular control over approved devices (with built-in reporting capabilities i.e. Adam Jacobs is using an iPhone) One click free/busy information (very nicely executed, check […]

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