A real world Communications Server story, taken from my workplace…

June 9th, 2010 | Tags: ,

Earlier this week a requirement was made to purchase additional voice-over-IP handsets, usually we would have purchased devices from a “major communications vendor” (I’ll recite no names) as our current OCS deployment is predominantly made up of remote call control users.

However given that our strategy this year is to really push Office Communications Server with Enterprise Voice (EV) this requirement was quickly turned down!

Just to clarify EV is Microsoft’s native software-driven VoIP solution, which is driven by the Office Communicator client and where standard USB audio input/output devices can be used, thus complete flexibility on where you choose to work from (my personal device preference would be the CX300 or Calisto 540 – these are both based upon an identical Microsoft reference design).

Interestingly, what I did notice (extremely quickly I might add) was the difference in cost, a Microsoft USB device comes in at under £100, whereas the predecessor handset was over £350 – a £250 saving, which as you can imagine really adds up fast when you have hundreds/thousands of users.

Yet another reason why Microsoft’s software driven voice solution, Communications Server, could compliment your enterprise voice solution and allow your CFO to live happily ever after…

P.S. This is not a fairy tale!

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