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April 1st, 2010 | Tags:

You may have spotted that the blog has been given a spring clean? In actual fact I have ported the site from Community Server 2008.5 SP2 to WordPress 2.9.2. I would love to have said it was an easy job, but alas it was not…

Firstly my reasons for this bold move…

  1. Community Server was way too restrictive on content that could be embedded, as a consequence some videos previously posted can now be viewed in-line.
  2. I’m not a .NET developer and WordPress offers a ridiculous amount of plug-ins (8,965 as I type)
  3. GoDaddy offers me 200mb of SQL and 1gb of mySQL (I was running low on SQL space, I know I should have thought of that earlier)

So for those that are contemplating a similar move, a few tips:

  • To export, I used a BlogML plug-in for Community Server, this facilitated an export for posts, comments etc. (I had to re-add all images manually, this was painful)
  • To import, I used a BlogML plug-in for WordPress, this brought the content in and created a text file containing my permalinks.
  • To ensure redirections were working i.e. /post.aspx to /post, I used the “Redirection” plug-in for WordPress. (source information for this was generated via the previous step)

The key to limiting site downtime was my test environment, I used Virtual PC to run a copy of Windows 2008 Server off an external USB drive. Running this on an external drive allowed me to run the VM on any machine running Windows 7 VPC – (with the recent lift on desktop CPU VT requirements there is no excuse to pull out the VMware card!) Another great find was Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer, this performed a single-click install of WordPress – an excellent time saver!

It has been a long day…

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