Microsoft Unified Communications Platform Futures (a seminar presented by Brett Johnson)

March 10th, 2010 | Tags: ,

This was one of the most talked about presentations to take place at UC Expo, primarily because it promised a sneak peek at what was coming later this year (Q4) with Office Communications Server Wave 14 aka OCS 2010. Even the Redmond based OCS product guys tweeted DON’T MISS THIS!
Microsoft Unified Communications Platform Futures session at UCExpo. @ucexpo #ucoms #ocs

However this was not meant to be and Microsoft marketing were blamed for a last minute stop on any juicy information, if you look at Brett’s opening slide it reads “Microsoft Unified Communications Platform Futures* (*sort of)”. Nevertheless Brett put on a good show, points of interest include:

  • VoiceCon will uncover more on OCS 2010 and not UC Expo
  • Microsoft Reading (TVP) was closed during recent snow days (3 days), OCS provided remote communications for all employees with no business or system impact
  • Microsoft are leaders in UC (as awarded by Gartner’s 2009 Magic Quadrant)
  • Demo calls were run via 3G tethering (MS didn’t pay for conference Internet!)
  • OCS 2010 will cause major disruption within the telephony space – hailed as the first version of OCS to truly replace the office PBX!
  • Some of the slides were taken from Chris Mayo’s presentation at PDC 2009

During a brief discussion with Brett I asked “What PBX functionality will OCS 2010 offer over and above of OCS 2007”, to which he replied “Everything”. Thanks Brett! [:)] All I can say is roll-on March 24th where hopefully Gurdeep Singh Pall will share more at VoiceCon