So what about Exchange Home Server?

August 17th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

I’m guessing that if you are reading my blog you are technically minded or as others call it (a-geek) therefore I would like to make a profound statement “everybody should have an Exchange Server at home”.

Now before you think I have completely lost the plot let me recite my evidence:

  • Microsoft has already launched a home server product aptly named “Windows Home Server”, for the purpose of hosting media content, centralised home backup, remote access and document management.
  • Mass market “consumer” mobile phones have become smart phones, i.e. iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerrys etc and they all want to feed from a centralised mailbox
  • Webmail, we all want enterprise strength web access with near-Outlook functionality (because we have seen that it exists by using it at work)
  • Unlimited storage, I know Hotmail offers 5gb but do you really want to be restricted given the fact that you are taking pictures and movies via your mobiles?
  • Remote access to your home voicemail aka “home call director”
  • Anti-spam, anti-virus – do I need to say more?

This is to name just a few higher-level reasons, bottom line is that most consumers want to have the same experience at home as they do within the enterprise (albeit with less restrictions). So imagine a cut down, easy to install and configure “Exchange Home Server”?

Summary of features would include:

  • Out-of-the-box iPhone, Windows Mobile & BlackBerry connectors (with an easy SSL configuration wizard)
  • Outlook web access via dynamic DNS
  • No static IP required because it would just download POP-3 from your e-mail provider
  • Forwarding your e-mail to your ISPs SMTP relay service (to get around spamhaus etc. dynamic IP mail relay blocks)
  • Off-site backup (cloud based?) – I’m sure the folks at Carbonite would be happy to write an agent
  • Unified communications via a PSTN SIP device, giving callers an ACD-like call direction service with “follow-me”
  • Built-in Forefront for anti-virus and anti-spam control

So come on Microsoft think of slotting a product in-between Hotmail and Small Business Server?

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