Windows 7 E R.I.P. (we won’t miss you)

August 1st, 2009 | Tags:

It was reported on CNET:

“Microsoft said late Friday that it won’t ship the Windows 7 “E” version of Windows even though Europe has yet to sign off on its revised plan. The plan calls for the company to ship Windows 7 with Internet Explorer, but present a ballot screen in which users in Europe can decide whether they want Internet Explorer or another browser.

The software maker had originally proposed shipping Windows 7 in Europe without a browser at all–the so-called “E” version of the operating system. However, European regulators indicated that might not satisfy its concerns.

Microsoft announced last week that it was open to the “ballot screen,” but said that it would wait to can the browserless “E” version until European regulators approved its plan.

The software maker said late Friday that it decided to ship the same version of Windows 7 for Europe after PC makers complained that having to use the browserless version of Windows 7 for a short period of time would be a pain.”

All I can say is thank goodness for the OEMs that raised their concerns! Microsoft 1, EU 0 – (hopefully…watch this space).

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