Microsoft gives us a "Wave"

July 28th, 2009 | Tags:

Microsoft UK launches a website that shows off cool new technology.

Taken from Steve Clayton’s Blog:

Microsoft Wave is a cool new site from our UK team that is something we’ve long been without – a cool site that isn’t trying to sell anything, simply showing the breadth of cool technology that Microsoft is involved in. It’s very much in the spirit of Blue Monster so I was delighted to see that image on the homepage which launched today. I’m also very happy to be one of two featured bloggers from our UK office.

I’ve been giving quite a few “innovation at Microsoft” presentations of late so at the very least this gives me a single site I can point people to following those talks. As of today it has the Microsoft 2019 video, Photosynth, Natal, Worldwide Telescope, Deepzoom and more.

Let us know what you think?

Currently Wave hosts information on:

  • Microsoft 2019 vision (video below)
  • Microsoft Tag
  • Photosynth
  • Project Natal
  • Worldwide Telescope
  • Surface
  • Deepzoom

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