Windows 7 now rumoured to RTM July 17th

June 23rd, 2009 | Tags:

Neowin reports:

Wzor is claiming that the final sign off is set for July 13th. According to a translation, this is the final roadmap for Windows 7:

6/1 – 6/19 BUILDING RTM ESCROW – already assembled RTM ESCROW.
6/22 – 7/10 RTM RECALL – assembly and search for candidates to the final RTM release.
7/10 WINDOWS 7 RTM FINAL BUILD TARGET – build day “gold code”.
7/13 WINDOWS 7 RTM SIGN-OFF – the date of signing the final RTM release!

We previously reported that Windows 7 could RTM at the end of this month, but if Wzor is correct. and that’s a big if, it looks like we may now have a final RTM date. Wzor is stating that the latest RTM branch build is 6.1.7263.0.win7_rtm.090619-1900, and the latest build in the winmain branch is 6.1.7233.0.winmain.090614-1655, and that the next winmain assembly will be the final RTM build.

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As stated by Microsoft the public release of Windows 7 is still slated for October 22nd.

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