How to advertise "current location" in Office Communicator

June 2nd, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

Today I was asked the question Why is my office location information not being displayed within Office Communicator?

Location information is defined as “endpoint location” and as illustrated in the chart below the viewer has to be a member of your Team or Personal group to be allowed to view.

Presence Information Block Public Company Team Personal
Offline Presence X
Presence X X X X
Capabilities X X X
Display Name X X X X X
Email Address X X X X X
Title * X X X X
Work Phone * X X X
Mobile Phone * X X
Home Phone * X
Other Phone X
Company X X X X
Office * X X X
Work Address * X X X
Sharepoint Site X X X
Meeting Location X
Meeting Subject X
Free Busy X X X
Working Hours X X X
Endpoint Location X X
Notes (Out of Office Note) X X X
Notes (Personal) X X X
Last Active X X X

For more information have a look at the article here