Data classifications now possible on Windows Server 2008 R2 file servers

One of the responsibilities I had last year was the delivery of a data classifications program within our business, this is the marking of all company informationĀ based uponĀ risk of exposure, in our case we rated by Red, Amber & Green (RAG). For me (as a technologist) I focussed on tools that could be utilised to make this transformation as painless as possible.

For example, with e-mail we used a 3rd party plug-in for Exchange 2007 called “Symprex Mail Signature Manager” and configured Red/Amber/Green signatures for all users. However one area that we were unable to address was the dreaded file server.

Yesterday over at the MS Storage Team Blog I noticed a post that introduces a new file classification infrastructure (FCI) and appears to address this very issue, you can even create server-side classification rules for automatic classification! (see illustration below)