Look ma, I’m at InfoSec 2009

April 28th, 2009 | Tags: ,

So today I thought I would venture down to InfoSecurity 2009 at Earl’s Court and see what the security vendors were touting this year, initially I noticed two things….

  1. The show was bigger than ever before, usually it takes place in Olympia (a smaller venue located nearby). This is really encouraging given the state of the economy, perhaps people buy security in any climate?
  2. The major bombshell, no Microsoft! A real pity (they’ve been there every other year), I know times are hard but surely pushing more general awareness in the MS security space wouldn’t hurt?

A couple of interesting finds include:

  1. Hitachi have stepped up biometric security a notch with “fingervein” scanning technology, essentially replacing finger print scanning with imaging of the internal finger vein structure (which I am told is more unique and more difficult to breach).
  2. A number of data disposal companies, let’s face it, how do you know when your data is destroyed? You shred the hard drive to pieces!
  3. Last but not least, a DeLorean with no flux capacitor, not sure why it was there, but I liked it!

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